Unknown (Tall Metal) by Carey Chapman

TITLE: Untitled (Tall Metal)
ARTIST: Cary Chapman
DATE: 2001
DIMENSIONS: 16′ x 4’8″ x 3′
TYPE: sculpture

Untitled stands sixteen feet tall on a series of geometric shapes. Constructed of steel, it was originally black, and has been weathered red by time. Untitled was created in 2001 by Cary Chapman, then a senior sculpture student at the Herron School of Art and Design, for an exhibition coordinated by the IUPUI Campus Art Committee. The choice not to name a work of art is an invitation for the reader to encounter it more fully on their own terms. After a deep engagement with the piece, is there a name you would imagine giving it?

To learn more about this artwork, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Untitled_(Cary_Chapman),  which includes information created by Herron School of Art and Design and IUPUI Museum Studies faculty and students in 2009 as part of “A Survey of IUPUI Public Art.”