Changing of Seasons by Jesús Nava

TITLE: Changing of the Seasons
ARTIST: Jesús Nava
DATE: 2018
MATERIALS: aluminum
DIMENSIONS: 5′ x 5′ (leaf)
TYPE: sculpture

Changing of Seasons (2018) is a collection of 11 aluminum-sheet maple leaves installed at various heights and angles in the new James J. Fritts, DDS Clinical Care Center at the Indiana University School of Dentistry. “I’m trying to bring nature inside the building,” Herron School of Art + Design alumnus Jesús Nava said of this work; “everyone can relate to nature in a way.”

After photographing an idyllic maple leaf, Nava manipulated the image in Photoshop, projected the design onto an aluminum sheet, cut each out with a handsaw, fabricated texture using sandpaper, and then curved them to produce a sense of dynamism.

Changing of Seasons was first installed at IUPUI’s University Library. “When I saw them, I said, ‘I have the perfect place for those’ “ recounted John Hoffman, Assistant Dean of Development for IU’s School of Dentistry, who brought the work to the Dr. Lloyd and Jan Hagedorn Main Street common space, “I knew the silver scheme would match the tones in here. It’s a great enhancement for the area and the building.”

It was also an important enhancement for the career of the artist. “Before John Hoffman reached out, I was taking a break from school and planning on not returning,” Nava revealed. “I didn’t think my work was strong enough, and I didn’t think people appreciated it. He got me to come back to school and finish my career here.”